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Huge hits, lead changes galore and a tied game that went into overtime — if you weren’t at the Burning River Roller Girls’ third home team bout, you missed out on one heck of an exciting night of roller derby.

The third double-header of the home season kicked off with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem by our very own West Nel Virus of the Cleveland Steamers and William Maullace, ref extraordinaire.

Then the skaters took the track for a fast-paced game pitting the Rolling Pin-Ups against last year’s Hazard Cup champs the Hellbombers. The Pin-Ups took the lead early and kept it for most of the game until the Bombers caught up toward the tail end of the second half.  At the end of the last jam, the score was tied meaning the game went into the rare unicorn that is the overtime jam! (A quick refresher for those who haven’t seen it in a while — in overtime, the jam goes the full two minutes and there is no lead jammer.) Despite a hard fight and a star pass from Pin-Up jammer …ooohSHINEE!, the Bombers pulled it off and won 154 to 149. MVPs were Mary Kaos (MVP Jammer) and Sparkles (MVP Blocker) for the Bombers, and Lulu (MVP Jammer) and x-TRON-x(MVP Blocker) for the Pin-Ups.

After the half time entertainment (the otherworldly sounds of a musical saw player) and a brief delay while helmet covers were procured, the Hard Knockers faced off against the Cleveland Steamers in the second bout of the evening. Despite a quick lead by the Steamers, the girls in pink snatched it away by the half.  It was a revolving door in the penalty box as both team’s jammers took turns sitting for a minute for much of the second half, but the Knockers never let that lead close and took the win 158 to 114. MVPs were Premo Donna (MVP Jammer) and Vendetta Farfalle (MVP Blocker) for the Knockers, and CupQuake (MVP Jammer) and Buddhalicious (MVP Blocker) for the Steamers.

After all that, you’re dying to know the Semi-finals match-ups now, right? Since this bout’s outcomes resulted in a three-way tie between the Knockers, Bombers and Pin-Ups, score differentials were used as the tiebreaker. The Semi-finals, on June 22 at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex, will be game one: the Hard Knockers (3rd place) vs. the Hellbombers (2nd place), and game two: the Rolling Pin-Ups (1st place) vs. the Cleveland Steamers (4th place.)   Get your tickets here!!! Winners from each game go skate to skate for the Hazard Cup in our Championship bout. Will the Knockers beat the Bombers for a second time this season and go on to the Championship for the first time since our first season? Can the Steamers sink the competition and pull an upset on the Pin-Ups? You’ll just have to be there this Saturday,  June 22 to find out.


Drum roll please… Announcing Season 7!

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brrglogo_whiteIt’s a New Year and you know what that means — another season of hard-hitting roller derby action from the Burning River Roller Girls! While you’ve been eagerly anticipating Season 7, we’ve been hard at work training our new recruits, scrimmaging and getting ready to bring it all for our fans.

While you’ll see many of your favorite skaters returning and the same action-packed game you know and love, 2013 brings a few changes. A revamping of the WFTDA rules includes one-whistle starts for both jammers and blockers and the elimination of minor penalties. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on what this means for the fans.

Equally exciting is our new home — Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma. If you attended Black and Blue 7 in December for our inaugural bout at Ohio Nets, you’ll know it’s a great venue with seating close to the action and plentiful parking. And if you didn’t, what were you thinking?! We’ll forgive you — catch up on what you missed here

Bout dates:   February 16, March 16, April 20, May 11, June 1, June 22, July 20  Bonus!  Hangover Bout:   May 12 against Forty Wayne

You can get your season passes and February bout tickets through Brown Paper Tickets here:


Feb 16 opener

Did you miss Black & Blue 7?

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So sorry to hear that.  Here’s a recap – but really, you should have been there.

All photos by Ivan Grieve. Thanks so much!

Dec. 1 was Black & Blue 7 for the Burning River Roller Girls, and it was a fabulous night of old friends, new faces and places and of course big-time roller derby excitement.

Teams Black and Blue were led by guest coaches Tammy “Red Devil” Konicki and Doug “Ford Fearlane” McCutcheon making a rematch of last year’s BB6 when Doug “Ford Fearlane” McCutcheon’s Team Blue took the title. But Red Devil had different plans this year.

Both teams started strong as the Burning River Roller Girls made their debut at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma.

Professor Booty kicks off the night for Team Blue putting up 4 points on the board.

The first 20 minutes of the half were neck and neck for Black and Blue with things tied at 24-24 points.

But with eight minutes left in the half, Maul-ibu Barbie puts up an astonishing 29 point jams for team Black, for a 57-24 lead.

Solid jams by Team Blue’s Neon Pegassist (Katniss Evermean during the home season) and Team Black Erma Gerd (better known as Mary Kaos) wrap up the half with a score of 65 Team Black – 41 Team Blue.

The half-time gave fans a glimpse at the amazing new talent of the Burning River Roller Girls as the newest members of the league battled it out during the crowd-favorite Full-Contact Musical Chairs. Chairs were flipped. One skater was dangled upside down in her chair in an attempt to shake her off, but Cautionary Tail hung on like a champ.

Jammin, EnemyLou Harris, Midnight Smack, Missy Misdemeanor, Cautionary Tail and “Rage”ing Blockaholic advance to the finals in musical chairs. Missy and Midnight Snack got entangled in a chair fight that had every fan in the sports complex on their feet and had everyone abuzz for the rest of the night.

But it was Jammin and “Rage”ing that would have the final showdown. And after a hard-fought fight that will be remembered long after, “Rage”ing Blockaholic took home the coveted crown.

Team Black was able to get people right back into the action with Go Speedrazor (Marion Razorwound) putting two grand slams on the board, bringing the score to 75-41.

Later some incredible jams from Team Black’s Erma Gerd and Maul-ibu Barbie and Billy Tuffsey (Premo Donna) elevate the score to an incredible 117-49, but Team Blue wasn’t just going to lie down. Designosaurus (Mae Burnya) of Team Blue put up the biggest jam of the evening with 30 points for a score of 127-87.

But several power jams and a ticking clock closed out the game before Blue could fully recover, and Team Black won 190-110.

Congrats to Team Black! But the real winners of the night was Beech Brook, the charity of Black & Blue 7.  The Burning River Roller Girls donated $1,500 of the proceeds from the event to the amazing organization. We thank them for all they do for the children of Northeast Ohio.

Hellbombers raise their trophy high … and Cleveland is Amazing.

Howdy, roller derby fans! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that our home team championships were earlier this month. While the Rolling Pin-Ups were able to overcome the reigning champs, the Hellbombers, earlier in the season, the girls in black and red were not about to hand over that Hazard Cup.

The Hellbombers won the championships 145-101.

Here are some other key scores and a recap of June 9 championships. But derby isn’t over yet for the season! Our HazMat Crew will be in Youngstown this Saturday, and both HazMat and All-Stars will be playing in Akron July 14. More details on those bouts tomorrow.

May 5 – Semifinals

Hellbombers 181, Hard Knockers 81
Rolling Pin-Ups 138, Cleveland Steamers 97

June 9 – Championships

Hard Knockers 185, Cleveland Steamers 84
Hellbombers 145, Rolling Pin-Ups 101

June 16
Burning River travel teams vs. Tri-City Roller Girls
BRRG’s Pyromaniacs vs. Glass City

Pyromaniacs 83, Glass City Rollers 19
Burning River All-Stars 125,  Tri-City Thunder 147
HazMat Crew 214, Tri-City Plan B 118

Premo Donna and the Killustrator round the track skate for skate.

The Hard Knockers and the Cleveland Steamers opened the night June 9, vying for third and fourth place among the Burning River home teams.

The first half was mostly dominated by the Hard Knockers, with the score hitting 31-8 by the 13th jam. But a 15-point jam by the Killustrator of the Steamers (the biggest score from either team for the half) evened the playing field a little, bring the score to a more attainable 31-23.

The first half ended with a score of Hard Knockers 55 to Cleveland Steamers 42, making it anyone’s game.

A swarm of Hard Knockers!

But the Hard Knockers really stepped up their game in the second half. Premo Donna slammed the Steamers with three double-digit jams in the first 9 jams, with 14, 19, and 19 points respectively, bringing the score 119-56. Scarlet GoDancin sealed the deal with a  25-point jam.

Final score 185-84, with the Hard Knockers scoring 130 of those points in the second half!

Lead change was the name of the game in the first half of the Rolling Pin-Ups vs. Hellbombers bout. A Hellbomber lead was snatched by Punkd Pixie’s 18 point jam, giving the Pin-Ups a 28-14 lead.

Eduskater took the lead back a few jams later with a 13-point jam. Punkd Pixie quickly responded with 13 points of her own, only to have the lead taken again by a 12-point jam from Marion Razorwound.

Hidden Ajennda puts a stop to Razorwound.

The Pin-Ups had 58 at the half against the Hellbombers 62.

The Hellbombers would maintain that lead throughout the second half. Several key jams solidified the lead for the Hellbombers, including a 20-point jam for Professor Booty (the skater formerly known as Your Royal Majesty formerly known as Professor Booty).

Final score Hellbombers 145 to Rolling Pin-Ups 101.

Congrats to the Hellbombers, and stay tuned for more travel team action coming your way this summer! For more play-by-play updates of past games and future events, check our live Twitter updates at

Season 6, Bout 3 recap

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For those who missed the April 21 bout, you have some catching up to do for this weekend! Bout 3 brought big thrills and set the line-ups for the May 5 semifinals.

After Bout 3, the Rolling Pin-Ups are now in first place overall and will match up against the fourth place Cleveland Steamers in the semifinals. The Hellbombers, now in second place, will take on the third-place Hard Knockers.

Finnish-Her sizes up CupQuake before going in for the hit.

Forget what you think you know about these four teams. May 5 will be anyone’s game. The Cleveland Steamers and Rolling Pin-Ups have a long history of exciting, down-to-the-wire match-ups. And while the Hellbombers beat the Hard Knockers in their last bout, the Hard Knockers owned the first half of that game and are ready to bring that intensity back to the track.

Cleveland Steamers vs. Hard Knockers

The Hard Knockers, using some incredible blocking skills, managed to hold the Steamers at 0 points for the first eight jams while they racked up an impressive 74 points, including a 25-point jam from Scarlet Go’Dancin and a 19-point jam from Premo Donna.

But a 23-point jam from Mauli-bu Barbie of the Cleveland Steamers was just what her team needed to get back in the game. Score at the half was Hard Knockers  98 – Cleveland Steamers 40.

But after half-time, the Hard Knockers again started strong, holding the Steamers at 40 points for the first six jams. The bout wouldn’t see anymore double-digit jams. But the Knockers consistently put up small chunks of points over and over to add up to a big victory. And while the Steamers didn’t win this bout, they did display one of the most impressive comebacks of the season, and showed they are not a team to take lightly.

Final score: Hard Knocker 151- Steamers 73.

Soul Eater escapes from the pack.

Hellbombers vs. Rolling Pin-Ups

The Pin-Ups and Hellbombers have faced off in the Hazard Cup Championships the last two years in a row, creating a brewing rivalry between the two teams that came to a full boil April 21.

Fantastic defense for the first part of this bout from both teams made for a relatively low-scoring game. The Hellbombers maintained the lead for the first 12 jams, but managed to only put up 18 points during that time before the Pin-Ups tied things up.

The Pin-Ups maintained that lead through the rest of the first half, until the final jam. Mary Kaos of the Hellbombers put up 9 points and was the only jammer to make it through a second scoring pass the entire half. Score at the half was tied 36-36.

The Hellbombers reclaimed the lead for one jam in the second half, but after that, the Pin-Ups took over and never let go. A 10-point jam followed by a 13-point jam from Soul Eater really solidified the lead for the Pin-Ups, combined with strong defense to keep to the Hellbombers’ score low.

Final Score: Hellbombers 67 – Rolling Pin-Ups 122


Cleveland Steamers
Jammer: Maul-ibu Barbie
Pivot: Killustrator
Blocker: Mrs. Lovehit

Hard Knockers
Jammer: Bad Mooney Rising
Pivot: Vendetta Farfalle
Blocker: Thrash-Her

Jammer: Eduskater
Pivot: Destroya
Blocker: Cleveland

Rolling Pin-Ups
Jammer: Mae Burnya
Pivot: Dagney Taghurt
Blocker: Mandy Maggots

Season 6, Bout 2 recap

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March 31 was a spectacular day for roller derby at the Wolstein Center. The evening opened with two firsts for the Burning River Roller Girls, as the BRRG Pyromaniacs took on the Sandusky Roller Girls in 30-minute pre-show bout.

Pyromaniacs vs. Sandusky
This was the first public bout for the Pyromaniacs, the Burning River team from which we draft players to the other teams. It also was the first time we’ve hosted an outside league to compete against us at the Wolstein Center.

Both teams fought hard, with two interesting players of note on the track who had to play against their former teams. Doctor Whooha of the Hellbombers, a transfer skater this past year from the Sandusky Roller Girls, stepped in the fill out the roster for the Pyromaniacs, while Halochic was wearing gold for Sandusky instead of her former team, the Cleveland Steamers.

It was a great debut for the Pyromaniacs. Social Batterfly made a strong showing jamming for the Pyromaniacs, while little miss philthy worked some solid strategic blocks to clear the way for her jammers.

But it wasn’t enough to hold the likes of Halochic and Truffle Shuffle of Sandusky at bay. Sandusky went home with the win, 79-15.

Ms. Creant of the Steamers keeps an eye on oooh Shinee of the Pin-Ups as she tries to make it through the pack.

Rolling Pin-Ups vs. Cleveland Steamers
It was anyone’s bout in the first half for the Cleveland Steamers and Rolling Pin-Ups. Mauli-ibu Barbie of the Cleveland Steamers won the honor of first lead jammer of the night and put up two points for her team.

But the Pin-Ups wouldn’t let them keep the lead and rounded out the half with a score of 56-23.

The Pin-Ups came out blazing in the second half, determined to protect that lead, with Punkd Pixie immediately posting a 19-point jam, followed closely by a 20-point jam from oooh Shinee and another 19-point jam from Pixie.

Despite some strong defensive efforts from Dita and Rainbow Fright of the Steamers, the Pin-Ups could not be held back and won the game 188-34.

Mary Kaos of the Hellbombers bursts out of the pack.

Hellbombers vs.  Hard Knockers
Once again, the Hard Knockers played some excellent derby, making for a close, exciting and very tense match-up, this time against the Hellbombers.

The Hard Knockers’ Premo Donna  put up the first three points of the game. The ladies in pink were able to keep the Hellbombers score to only one point for the first seven jams. 

While the Hellbombers were able to creep their way back up, tying the game at 25-25 with 9 minutes left, the Hard Knockers would successfully keep the Hellbombers scoreless for the rest of the half, rounding out the period at 43-25.

But the Hellbombers came out of the locker room in the second half a new team. In the first jam of the second half, Mary Kaos put up 20 points for the Hellbombers, changing the lead in her team’s favor.

A 25-point jam by Your Royal Majesty, followed by more double-digit jams by Marion Razorwound and Kaos, sealed the victory for the Hellbombers, despite a continued strong showing from the Knockers. Hellbombers win 132-78.

Join us for more derby April 21 as the Cleveland Steamers face off against the Hard Knockers, and the Pin-Ups take on the Hellbombers. Winners of this bout will determine line-ups for the semifinals, May 5.

Cleveland Steamers
Jammer: the Killustrator
Pivot: Maul-ibu Barbie
Blocker: Beatrix Wicked

Rolling Pin-ups
Jammer: Mae Burnya
Pivot: J.Poww!
Blocker: decibelle

Hark Knockers
Jammer: Premo Donna
Pivot: Vendetta Farfalle
Blocker: Finnish-Her

Jammer: Mary Kaos
Pivot: Destroya
Blocker: Your Royal Majesty

So in the past week, the Burning River All-Stars have played two bouts, our Pyromaniacs had their first bout at the Wolstein Center against the first away team we’ve ever hosted in that venue, and our four home teams completed Bout 2 of the season.

Oh my!

Let’s start with a rundown of the scores. Then we have a recap of the Burning River All-Stars bout against Derby City March 24. We’ll have recaps of the March 31 bouts later in the week, so check back for details.

March 24
Burning River All Stars, 261
Derby City Rollergirls, 101

March 25
Dutchland Derby Rollers, 177
Burning River All-Stars, 105

March 31
Sandusky Roller Girls, 79
Pyromaniacs, 15

Rolling Pin-Ups, 188
Cleveland Steamers, 34

Hellbombers, 132
Hard Knockers, 78

On March 24, the Burning River All-Stars traveled to Kentucky to take on the Derby City Rollergirls.
The bout was largely characterized by stunning defense from the BRRG, really fast packs and loads of power jams.
The first two jams were power jams for BRRG with the Killustrator and Maul-ibu Barbie  starting off the game 31 to 0.  A few jams later DCRG had a 14-point power jam, which brought the score to 60-18.
The evening continued with plenty of power jams on both sides as jammers kept getting sent to the penalty box. BRRG was able to effectively kill some of the DCRG power jams by racing to the front of the pack and out-skating the other team’s jammer.
The Burning River defense dominated the game, partially because of the team’s repeated use of scrum starts with  BRRG holding the opposing jammer consistently at the back of the pack with a devastating three-wall.  The defense swarmed the jammer consistently right off the jammer line.
Halftime score was BRRG,  135 to DCRG, 48.
DCRG started the second half of the game strong scoring a quick 8 points and holding BRRG to 0 points in the first three jams.  But Burning River quickly adjusted, and a few jams later the Killustrator and Mary Kaos, in her All-Star debut bout, brought the score to 166 to 64.
Again the BRRG defense dominated with Hidden Ajennda and Ivanna Destroya effectively holding off the jammers.
Halfway through the second half the Derby City Girls pulled off a successful star pass from #6 Celia Graves lining up on the jammer line and passing the star helmet cover to #23 Little Rage of Sunshine.
Final Score Burning River, 261 to Derby City, 101.

(Thank you to Sweet Heart-Attack for providing updates from the Derby City bout).

Thank you to Derby City for hosting us in this very exciting match-up!