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Get schooled on the Fresh Meat class of 2014

Posted: November 21, 2014 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, Fresh Meat, General
The Freshie class of 2014. Photo Courtesy of Victoria Standbridge

The Freshie class of 2014. Photo Courtesy of Victoria Standbridge

Ridin’ Nerdy here, one of the newest members of the Burning River Roller Girls Fresh Meat class of 2014, to introduce the rest of the recruits you will see this weekend at Black & Blue 9!

The Burning River Roller Girls added 10 new skaters to the league this season.

We are: PF Scarrie, a founding member of the Burning River Roller Girls who skated with the league from seasons one through five. After taking a few years off she has returned this season as “refreshed” meat. Her knowledge and experience are valuable assets to our gang of “freshies,” and we are very lucky to have her.

Chinese Takeout, a transfer skater who skated with the State College Area Rollers for about a year before relocating to Cleveland joining Burning River.

The rest of us are true rookies: Mexicali Mayhem, GhostGrace Killah, Vigilannie, Valerian Steel, Jessica Rabbid, Acid Raine, Roth of Khan, and myself, Ridin’ Nerdy.

We are all beyond excited and grateful to be the newest members of this amazing league of skaters. Being members of this league has already given us so many things: the feeling of empowerment, determination, and the opportunity to showcase our abilities as athletes.

With the help, support, and motivation from each other and our veteran sisters we ARE going to see what we can do in this sport this season.

Come witness our debut in the derby world by attending Black & Blue 9, the league’s annual charity bout, on Saturday Nov. 22. The doors will open at 5:30 pm, and the bout will start at 6:30. This year a portion of every ticket will go to LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland.

The fresh meat skaters will be participating in the full-contact musical chairs half time show. This is our initiation, a tradition of BRRG, and a highly anticipated event you do not want to miss!

The same basic rules of regular musical chairs apply, except we will be taking it to the extreme. It will be fast-paced, aggressive (possibly violent), exciting, and on skates!

Oh, and any form of defense or attack is permitted! That’s right, there are no rules here! While we rookies are friends and comrades during practice and outside the rink, in this event we will be battling each other in a no holds barred fight to victory! Scope out the video from last year’s event to see what we mean.

Who will be the skater to secure the final chair? You will have to attend to find out!

Buy your tickets here and be sure to get there early to make sure you get close to the action!



Black & Blue Captains Auctions

Posted: October 23, 2014 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue
2012 Guest Captain Doug "Robert Deadford" McCutcheon.

2012 Guest Captain Doug “Robert Deadford” McCutcheon.

It’s that time again! It’s time for two outstanding fans to earn a spot as a guest captain during Black & Blue 9, our annual charity bout!

The highest bidders win … and get to help out a great cause. All proceeds from the auction will go to this year’s charity, the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.

As an honorary guest captain you will draft your own roller derby team from BRRG skaters and Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby, attend team practices to get to know the skaters and help develop strategy, create lineups, and bench coach your team to victory at Black & Blue 9.

One skater representative will be appointed to assist you with your duties before and during the game. Guest captains will also receive 10 free tickets so that friends and family can see you in action, as well as a special thank you gift to remember your experience with the skaters of BRRG.

AUCTIONS WILL CLOSE SUNDAY OCT. 26 AT 7:30 PM (Team Blue) and 8:15 PM (Team Black).

Get out your wallets and let the bidding begin! Links to the auctions are below:



Black & Blue 9

Posted: October 9, 2014 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, BRRG News

Buy tickets for Black & Blue 9 here on BROWN PAPER TICKETS

Burning River Roller Girls is proud to present Black & Blue 9, the league’s annual charity roller derby bout, which will take place Saturday, Nov. 22 at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma.

Doors open at 5:30, bout begins at 6:30. But we strongly recommend arriving early for the best seating.

Center new logo1This year, a portion of every ticket will go to LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland. The fundraiser will benefit the Center’s Facility Maintenance Endowment which means that every dollar donated will be matched by the Maltz Family Foundation doubling the impact of their fundraising.

This year’s captain’s auctions will be announced soon!


Photo by Ivan “Rage” Grieve

All of the teams of Burning River Roller Girls will regroup into Team Black and Team Blue for one of the most exciting roller derby events of the year. And this year we are welcoming special guests from Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby!

But the highlight of the night will be the halftime show, in which the new recruits of Burning River Roller Girls will engage in a battle of full-contact musical chairs on skates! This unbelievable, out-of-control event keeps fans talking all year long and acts as a rite of passage to the newest members of the league.

See you Nov. 22!

Drum roll please… Announcing Season 7!

Posted: January 18, 2013 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, Bout Recaps, BRRG News, General, home teams

brrglogo_whiteIt’s a New Year and you know what that means — another season of hard-hitting roller derby action from the Burning River Roller Girls! While you’ve been eagerly anticipating Season 7, we’ve been hard at work training our new recruits, scrimmaging and getting ready to bring it all for our fans.

While you’ll see many of your favorite skaters returning and the same action-packed game you know and love, 2013 brings a few changes. A revamping of the WFTDA rules includes one-whistle starts for both jammers and blockers and the elimination of minor penalties. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on what this means for the fans.

Equally exciting is our new home — Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma. If you attended Black and Blue 7 in December for our inaugural bout at Ohio Nets, you’ll know it’s a great venue with seating close to the action and plentiful parking. And if you didn’t, what were you thinking?! We’ll forgive you — catch up on what you missed here

Bout dates:   February 16, March 16, April 20, May 11, June 1, June 22, July 20  Bonus!  Hangover Bout:   May 12 against Forty Wayne

You can get your season passes and February bout tickets through Brown Paper Tickets here:


Feb 16 opener

Did you miss Black & Blue 7?

Posted: December 11, 2012 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, Bout Recaps, General

So sorry to hear that.  Here’s a recap – but really, you should have been there.

All photos by Ivan Grieve. Thanks so much!

Dec. 1 was Black & Blue 7 for the Burning River Roller Girls, and it was a fabulous night of old friends, new faces and places and of course big-time roller derby excitement.

Teams Black and Blue were led by guest coaches Tammy “Red Devil” Konicki and Doug “Ford Fearlane” McCutcheon making a rematch of last year’s BB6 when Doug “Ford Fearlane” McCutcheon’s Team Blue took the title. But Red Devil had different plans this year.

Both teams started strong as the Burning River Roller Girls made their debut at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma.

Professor Booty kicks off the night for Team Blue putting up 4 points on the board.

The first 20 minutes of the half were neck and neck for Black and Blue with things tied at 24-24 points.

But with eight minutes left in the half, Maul-ibu Barbie puts up an astonishing 29 point jams for team Black, for a 57-24 lead.

Solid jams by Team Blue’s Neon Pegassist (Katniss Evermean during the home season) and Team Black Erma Gerd (better known as Mary Kaos) wrap up the half with a score of 65 Team Black – 41 Team Blue.

The half-time gave fans a glimpse at the amazing new talent of the Burning River Roller Girls as the newest members of the league battled it out during the crowd-favorite Full-Contact Musical Chairs. Chairs were flipped. One skater was dangled upside down in her chair in an attempt to shake her off, but Cautionary Tail hung on like a champ.

Jammin, EnemyLou Harris, Midnight Smack, Missy Misdemeanor, Cautionary Tail and “Rage”ing Blockaholic advance to the finals in musical chairs. Missy and Midnight Snack got entangled in a chair fight that had every fan in the sports complex on their feet and had everyone abuzz for the rest of the night.

But it was Jammin and “Rage”ing that would have the final showdown. And after a hard-fought fight that will be remembered long after, “Rage”ing Blockaholic took home the coveted crown.

Team Black was able to get people right back into the action with Go Speedrazor (Marion Razorwound) putting two grand slams on the board, bringing the score to 75-41.

Later some incredible jams from Team Black’s Erma Gerd and Maul-ibu Barbie and Billy Tuffsey (Premo Donna) elevate the score to an incredible 117-49, but Team Blue wasn’t just going to lie down. Designosaurus (Mae Burnya) of Team Blue put up the biggest jam of the evening with 30 points for a score of 127-87.

But several power jams and a ticking clock closed out the game before Blue could fully recover, and Team Black won 190-110.

Congrats to Team Black! But the real winners of the night was Beech Brook, the charity of Black & Blue 7.  The Burning River Roller Girls donated $1,500 of the proceeds from the event to the amazing organization. We thank them for all they do for the children of Northeast Ohio.

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It’s almost here.  Black & Blue 7 is a mere 3 days away!  And that means we are 3 days closer to Full Contact Musical Chairs halftime show!  I caught up with …oohSHINEE! recently to ask her a few questions about her victory.
Katniss Evermean: Did you get any pointers from other skaters before going into musical chairs?
…oooh SHINEE!: I Remember watching prior years on YouTube and I’m sure I asked advice but I don’t remember what I was told. Once I went out there, everything escapes your head and you just go for it.

KE: Are there any strategies you would recommend to the freshies skating this weekend?

oS: I would suggest getting a pair of receiver gloves to help with grip on chairs. And if you make it through the rounds and down to 3 or 4 skaters, go for the skaters first then the chair.

KE: How did you calm your pre-musical chairs jitters?
oS: I am the most nervous person, i never calmed them. I was so nervous up until we started but once the music started I forgot my nerves and just tried to win.
KE: How did you feel in those last moments before you were declared the winner?
oS: Tired!  Didn’t realize how much it would take out of me. I was so excited once I won, but so tired that the next thing I knew, I was on the ground because of the dog pile from my fellow new recruits!
KE: Any injuries from musical chairs?

oS: Bruising, bruising, and more bruising.  The next day my inner thighs looked like they were beat with a bat. I think a lot of the girls had the same marks from trying to clench the chairs.

KE: The Class of 2011 Fresh Meat  were a pretty close group. Did you have any qualms about destroying them to win the sash, tiara and scepter?

oS: Last year it was said multiple times that musical chairs was the most entertaining and most aggressive since they started doing the halftime show. The 2011 Fresh Meat were and still are a close group of girls that respect each other, but on that night there were agreements that we were going to go all out and not hold back. There was one moment when Hallie Tosis had her legs wrapped around me and  she was kicking my arm saying let go as I continuously said “I Loves You.” Even though we beat up on each other we still all had fun and didn’t hold any grudges. We all went out to the after party and had drinks together.

…oooh SHINEE! was drafted to the Rolling Pin-Ups and also plays for the Burning River All-Stars.  She was voted Rookie of the Year for the Pin-Ups, All-Stars, and the league.  Come and see her crown a new Musical Chairs Champion this Saturday, December 1 at the  Ohio Nets Sports Complex 12665 Corporate Drive, Parma, OH 44130.  Doors open at 6 p.m. / Bout begins at 7 p.m.  There’s still time to purchase your tickets in advance for $12 at Brown Paper Tickets or at the door for $15.  Hope to see you there!

BRRG Black & Blue 7 Captains and Teams!!!

Posted: November 15, 2012 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, BRRG News, General

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The envelope, please. And the winners of the BRRG eBay auction to captain the teams for Black and Blue 7 are … Doug McCutcheon and Tammie Konicki! You read that right — we have a rematch from last year!

Doug (aka Ford Fearlane) and Tammie (aka Red Devil) are back for more, resuming their posts at the helms of Team Black (Tammie) and Team Blue (Doug). Read more about our two-time winners here.  You can bet Tammie’s going to be out for blood after Team Blue’s win last year. You can also bet Doug’s not going down without one hell of a fight.

Without further ado, here are this year’s teams, comprised of skaters mixed and matched from the four home teams and the Pyromaniacs. You’ll notice some of our skaters use different, fun names for Black and Blue (noted in parentheses).


Team Black

Doctor Whooha

Dita von Bitch

West Nel Virus (Chase N. Urdaughters)


Pixie (Granny Pix)

Maul-ibu Barbie

Luz Cannon (Fab-u-Luz)

Cleveland (The LAND)

JPoww (Sasshole)

New World Orphan

Mandy Maggots

Little Miss Philthy

Morbid Cherub (Major Masshole)

Rae Gunn (Loose Seal!!!)

Naughtily Nalgas

Premo Donna (Billy Tuffsey)

Dagney Taghurt

Halle Tosis

Mary Kaos (Erma Gerd)

Hellz Kellz (Smellz Kellz)


Marion Razorwound (Go Speedrazor)

Dominitrix (Knitty Gritty)

Bad Mooney Rising

Cat-A-Bolt (Token Ginger)

Vendetta Farfalle

Team Blue

Lisa Ertell (All-In Ertell)

…oooh SHINEE! (SHI)



Katniss Evermean (Neon Pegassist)

CupQuake (Beaver Knievel)

Molotov Hot-tail

Ivanna Destroya

Beatrix Wicked (Owl B. Wicked)

Soul Eater

Rainbow Fright (Camille Toe)

Professor Booty

Hidden Ajennda (The Guzzler)

Social Batterfly

Dr. Rush

LuLu (Tipsy Lu)

Action Jackson (miso ornery)

Knock-Off Hanbag (Miss Anne Thropic)

Ms. Creant (Derby Ninja)


Tuety Turmoil

Dame Gerous

Mae Burnya (designosaurus)

Grranimal (what?)

The Eduskater (Eddie)

Don’t miss the half-time show — Full-Contact Musical Chairs — which pits our newest skaters against one another in a brutal battle to be crowned Musical Chair Queen. This year’s Black and Blue bout benefits Beech Brook, a Northeast Ohio agency designed to provide prevention, intervention and treatment programs for some of the area’s most vulnerable children, teens and families. For more than 160 years, Beech Brook has been providing services ranging from mentoring and counseling to fostering and adoption.


Tickets Adult advance: $12 Adult day-of: $15 Kids: Ages 6-12 are $8; 5 and younger, FREE Groups (20+): $10 VIP (Includes free parking and two beers): $18 Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at

Brown Paper Tickets


Venue information Doors open at 6 p.m. / Bout begins at 7 p.m. Ohio Nets Sports Complex 12665 Corporate Drive, Parma, OH 44130