Founded in 2006, the Burning River Roller Girls are Cleveland’s first all-female, skater-owned, flat-track derby league, following the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) rules and regulations, including how bouts are run, the size of the track and equipment. The league consists of 60+ players over seven teams, Burning River All Stars (A-travel team), HazMat Crew (B-travel team), Cleveland Steamers (home team), Hard Knockers (home team), Hellbombers (home team), Rolling Pin-Ups (home team) and Pyromaniacs (farm team).

  1. Lindsey says:

    You need to remove the ad at the bottom of the article about Lune Lovewound. The woman died of a brain aneurysm and the ad is for brain health. It’s purely accidental I’m sure but in really, really poor taste and bound to end up as a comic on someone’s webpage.

    • dana says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any control of that. It’s a rotating ad selected by WordPress based on key words on the blog. When I pull up the post, there’s an ad about making lasagna.
      I really appreciate you pointing it out. If there’s anything we can do to get that ad out of the rotation, we will.

  2. What is your photography policy? After a few years now and some physical difficulties I am finally able to attend events again. I am a good amateur shooter.

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