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Rule Changes coming your way!

Posted: February 7, 2013 by burningriverrollergirls in General, Hazmat, Rules, The Burning River All-Stars

rulechangesThe first official travel team double header is coming up on February 16th (yikes, a week from Saturday!).  We thought it might be a good idea to get you, our wonderful fans, acquainted with just a few of the new rules that were instituted on January 1, 2013:

1.  Jam Starts – Jams traditionally started at two different times, with two different whistle blasts.  One whistle would start the jam for the blockers to move off the pivot line or stand from a scrum start.  Then the jammers would be released on two whistle blasts.  Now you will find that all skaters start on the same whistle – both blockers and jammers!  More exciting times ahead!!

2.  Penalties – Remember that big white board in the middle of the track?  It functioned as a tally for the number of penalties each skater would accrue.  After four minor penalties, the skater would get a major penalty and would be sent to the penalty box.  Not anymore – no more minor penalties.  What does this mean?  A skater will receive either a no impact/no penalty call or a major for penalties such as forearm, cutting the track, elbow, etc.  After 7 majors, the skater will foul out of the game.  For more, take a look at this post by Curtis E. Lay on the Derbylife blog.


A skater will not receive a penalty if it does not impact the game. A skater will only go to the penalty box for major penalties such as multi-player blocks,  using a forearm or elbow that causes another skater to lose relative position on the track , cutting the track,  etc.  After 7 majors, the skater will foul out of the game.

3.  Speaking of cutting the track – in the past, a skater would get a minor for cutting one skater and a major for advancing her position (cutting in front of the foremost player on the track or multiple players)  – now, skaters may cut one teammate without penalization but will receive a major penalty for cutting one opposing skater or multiple teammates.penaltyboard2

You can take a look at a summary of all of the rule changes here!  See you on the 16th! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets early or better yet – purchase a season ticket so you never have to miss a bout!!

penalty tracker