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Celebrate with us!

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as1Roller derby fans, do we have an event for you!

Come and join the Burning River Roller Girls at 2 Bucks in North Olmsted Friday, Sept. 6 from 7 to 9 PM to celebrate the end of our outstanding season.

as3 We will be showing footage from our recent tournament in which the Burning River All-Stars fought hard, played smart and went up in ranking in our division.


For $20 you can join us in this very special celebration. Your ticket gets you three drinks, food and a lot of fun with some of your favorite skaters. Plus you’ll be supporting the hard-working athletes of Burning River as they prepare to wow Cleveland with a new season of roller derby action.

We’ll also have some great merchandise and raffle tickets on hand.

Please RSVP if you are considering attending on our Facebook event page by Tuesday


Sept. 3 so we can give 2 Bucks a rough 

headcount – even if you’re just a maybe.  See you there!


Who: The Burning River Roller Girls and all their friends and fans.

What: Fundraiser + Tournament Celebration Party.

When: Friday, Sept. 6, 7-9 p.m.

Where: 2 Bucks, 24108 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted

Cost: $20 gets you admission, food and three drinks.



This weekend our travel teams will be playing 2 double headers!  One on Saturday and one on Sunday!  Get your tickets!

How exciting!  But wait, what exactly are the travel teams.  Alumna skater Star Crash put together this handy dandy guide:

Travel teams are populated based on tryouts rather than a draft system. Only skaters who have passed the initial skills test and are members of our league are eligible to participate in these tryouts. Most of these skaters are also members of one of the four home teams listed above.

Burning River All-Stars
This is BRRG’s “A” travel team. They are our WFTDA-sanctioned team and primarily play in bouts against other WFTDA-sanctioned teams to count toward their national ranking. Their colors are blue and orange.

HazMat Crewhazmat_templogo
BRRG’s “B” travel team. These skaters often play other B teams in double-headers with the All-Stars. They also play other teams within the North Central region, but generally not ones that are WFTDA-sanctioned. Their colors are also blue and orange.


Pyros +

BRRG’s “C” team.  This team is made up of rookies, Pyromaniacs and any additional skater that


may want to get some extra playing time.  This team can change from bout to bout.

So, there you have it.  Our travel teams have been doing quite well this year and may have the opportunity to travel to regional playoffs!  Travelling can get quite expensive – and you, wonderful fans, can help keep them rolling!  Our teams need food to fuel their brains and bodies, hotels to rest their tired legs, and well, let’s be honest, skates are not the best vehicle for travelling long distances.  Please help our travel team skaters!


Rule Changes coming your way!

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rulechangesThe first official travel team double header is coming up on February 16th (yikes, a week from Saturday!).  We thought it might be a good idea to get you, our wonderful fans, acquainted with just a few of the new rules that were instituted on January 1, 2013:

1.  Jam Starts – Jams traditionally started at two different times, with two different whistle blasts.  One whistle would start the jam for the blockers to move off the pivot line or stand from a scrum start.  Then the jammers would be released on two whistle blasts.  Now you will find that all skaters start on the same whistle – both blockers and jammers!  More exciting times ahead!!

2.  Penalties – Remember that big white board in the middle of the track?  It functioned as a tally for the number of penalties each skater would accrue.  After four minor penalties, the skater would get a major penalty and would be sent to the penalty box.  Not anymore – no more minor penalties.  What does this mean?  A skater will receive either a no impact/no penalty call or a major for penalties such as forearm, cutting the track, elbow, etc.  After 7 majors, the skater will foul out of the game.  For more, take a look at this post by Curtis E. Lay on the Derbylife blog.


A skater will not receive a penalty if it does not impact the game. A skater will only go to the penalty box for major penalties such as multi-player blocks,  using a forearm or elbow that causes another skater to lose relative position on the track , cutting the track,  etc.  After 7 majors, the skater will foul out of the game.

3.  Speaking of cutting the track – in the past, a skater would get a minor for cutting one skater and a major for advancing her position (cutting in front of the foremost player on the track or multiple players)  – now, skaters may cut one teammate without penalization but will receive a major penalty for cutting one opposing skater or multiple teammates.penaltyboard2

You can take a look at a summary of all of the rule changes here!  See you on the 16th! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets early or better yet – purchase a season ticket so you never have to miss a bout!!

penalty tracker

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Burning River Roller Girls Season 6 officially came to an end over the weekend as we celebrated our league members with an amazing awards banquet.  Below you will find a list of winners – we’re so proud!  We couldn’t fit all of the photos into the post, so here’s just a taste.  Thank you to our very own Buddha (Victoria Stanbridge)  for taking the photos.  You can see more of her professional work here.  

Can’t wait to start Season 7!  We will have more details in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned!

League Awards

League MVP – The Killustrator

Best Jammer – Premo Donna
Best Blocker – Finnish-HER
Rookie of the Year – …oooh Shinee!
Most Improved – Mary Kaos
Derby Queen – Amstel Standin’
Most Intimidating – Morbid Cherub
Joan Weston Leadership Award: TIE!!!!  Eva Lucien & Mosh Spice
Most Dedicated Ref – David Feck’em
Most Dedicated NSO – Travis Sickle
CoCo Sparx Best Butt Award – West Nel Virus
Rockin Rack – Beatrix Wicked
Gorgeous Gams – Rainbow Fright
MVP – The Killustrator
Best Jammer – The Killustrator
Best Blocker – Finnish-HER
Most Improved – Premo Donna
Rookie of the Year – oooh Shinee!
MVP – Professor Booty
Best Jammer – Marion Razorwound
Best Blocker – Decibelle
Rookie of the Year- Mandy Maggots
Most Improved – Beatrix Wicked
Jammer – Tuety Turmoil
MVP – 3 way tie: Dirty Rotten Oar, Social Batterfly, Hellz Kellz
Best Blocker – Pathojane
Most Improved – Hellz Kellz
MVP – Professor Booty
Best Jammer – Marion Razorwound
Best Blocker – TIE – Morbid Cherub & Ivanna Destroya
Rookie of the Year – Action Jackson
Most Improved – Mary Kaos
Rolling PinUps
MVP – Punkd Pixie
Best Jammer – Punkd Pixie
Best Blocker – Rae Gunn
Rookie of the Year – oooh Shinee
Most Improved – Mandy Maggots
MVP – The Killustrator
Best Jammer – Maulibu Barbie
Best Blocker – Rainbow Fright
Rookie of the Year – Knock Off Hanbag
Most Improved – Knock Off Hanbag
Hard Knockers
MVP – Bad Mooney Rising
Best Jammer – Premo Donna
Best Blocker – Finnish-HER
Rookie of the Year – Scarlet Go Dancin
Most Improved – Thrash-her

Travel team bouts

Here’s everything you need to know for today’s bout!

Preshow Bout: Pyromaniacs vs. Glass City Rollers (Toledo)
Bout 1: Burning River All-Stars vs. Tri-City Thunder (Kitchener, Ontario)
Bout 2: Burning River HazMat Crew vs. Tri-City Plan B (Kitchener, Ontario)

Tickets can still be purchased in person at the Wolstein Center box office when you arrive.

Doors open at 5 p.m. / Home teams, 6 p.m.
Wolstein Center – Cleveland State University
2000 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio

General admission
Adult day-of: $17
Kids (12 and younger): $6
Special group (Student, Military, etc.): $10

VIP admission
Adult day-of: $20
VIP special group (Student, Military, etc.): $12

What does VIP mean? VIP gets you access to the sectioned off area on the floor with tables and chairs (see the action up-close without sitting on the floor)! It also gives you access to a private cash bar, so you never have to leave the action for refreshments. You as always can also sit wherever you want in the Wolstein Center, but you always have special access to this section.

I’m new to roller derby. What’s happening on the track? Great! Welcome! Look for our “Ask Me About Derby” representatives. Skaters will be walking around during the bouts with bright orange shirts. They are ready to answer any questions you might have about roller derby, from the basics to trickier strategic plays happening on the track.

What’s with this preshow bout? The Glass City Rollers will be matched up with BRRG’s Pyromaniacs, our farm team from which our other teams draft. The teams will play one 30-minute period before the travel teams face off, so show up a little early to cheer on the rising stars of the BRRG!

Parking is available in several parking areas and on streets near the Wolstein Center. The easiest access is a parking deck right next door. In the past, parking has cost about $6, but we have no control over this area, so there’s no guarantee that will be the price today. Just make sure you have cash on hand. In the past, the deck has closed at midnight. Make sure you check the times when you park.

Extras: Check out our BRRG Kids Club and our memorial table for Luna Lovewound in the concourse. Join us in the fan zone on the track after the last bout for skater autographs!

Also, the Wolstein Center does serve alcohol, including fancier drinks at the bar concession areas. Take our food and drink survey to let the Wolstein Center know what you would like to see more of at our bouts! Look for Katniss Evermean around the raffle table area. She’s also collecting survey information there.

AFTER PARTY: There will be an after party event at the Old Angle Tavern, 1848 West 25th St., Cleveland. Bring your ticket stub and come join the skaters as they celebrate!

Our home team season is over, and normally, that’s it for fans of the Burning River Roller Girls until our charity bout in the fall.

But this year, the excitement is just beginning.

This Saturday, June 16, our travel teams will compete against the Tri-City Roller Girls from Kitchener, Ontario in a double-header event!

These aren’t exhibition games. This is the real deal.  Saturday’s bouts will count toward our regional cred and will posture us in the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) national rankings.

The HazMat Crew (B-team) and the Burning River All-Stars (A-team) are made up of the best skaters from our home teams. Imagine the Killustrator of the Cleveland Steamers skating on the same team as Hidden Ajennda of the Rolling Pin-Ups. Or Premo Donna of the Hard Knockers getting an assist from Morbid Cherub of the Hellbombers.

It’s a dream team for Cleveland roller derby fans, and it’s all going down this Saturday. Witness the best of the best of the Burning River Roller Girls as they compete in the first ever international roller derby bout at the Wolstein Center!

And if that wasn’t enough, show up early to watch our special guests, the Glass City Rollers of Toldeo face off against BRRG’s Pyromaniacs, the team from which our home teams draft skaters. You’ll want to keep an eye on these faces — they are the future of BRRG!

Tickets are $12 in advance, $17 at the door. Be there! Oh and don’t forget to wear your orange and blue!

Remembering Mark

Posted: May 23, 2012 by burningriverrollergirls in BRRG News, The Burning River All-Stars

Mark and Sharon Schneider show their love for the Burning River All-Stars.

We love all of our fans here at the Burning River Roller Girls. But some will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Mark and Sharon’s “super fan” seats.

Some have been in the stands bout after bout, year after year since before many of us were even part of this league.

We get to know their faces and their names, and over time, they feel like they are just as much a part of the roller derby family as any one of us.

One such fan has left a very noticeable empty seat in the stands this year.

Mark proudly represented his love for roller derby.

Many of our skaters recall Mark Schneider and his wife, Sharon, from our early years as a league. Even though the couple didn’t personally know any of our skaters outside of derby, they would travel far and wide to see our All-Stars compete. It was always a joy for us to see smiling faces in the stands wearing our team colors while our skaters were far from home.

Which is why we were so sad to learn that Mark passed away earlier this year.

We’ll always remember Mark’s truck, decorated with BRRG stickers and a vanity license plate that touted his love of roller derby.

Eva Lucien with a purse the Schneiders had specially made.

He and Sharon were known to give thoughtful gifts to the skaters, once locating special derby fabric which they had made into purses. Another time Mark compiled a CD of roller derby themed music for a skater.

While Mark’s health was a struggle over the years, he and Sharon always did their best to make it to as many bouts as possible and followed along online whenever he couldn’t make it.

Such love and dedication to our league will not soon be forgotten. Mark, we’ll miss seeing your face in the stands. And Sharon, we send all of our love to you and your family.

The Burning River Roller Girls

Some of the BRRG All-Stars pose with Mark.