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We caught up with Burning River Roller Girl alumnus Mosh Spice to ask her some questions about her big win in last year’s Bracket Contest and her recent trip to North Central Playoffs. Here’s what she had to say:
So, what exactly is the WFTDA bracket? Last year the WFTDA started a Bracket Contest to try to get fans more involved with the Regional Playoff Tournaments. Each Region’s Playoffs consist of the top ten from that Region, playing against each other to determine rankings. The top 3 from each Region will go to Championships. You can pick who you think will win each match up and earn points for each day’s bouts – 1pt for the first day, 2pts for the second, 3pts for the third – as the competition heats up the points go up.

Can any fan fill out a bracket with a chance to win? Yes! You do not need to be a skater or actively involved in a League to play the Brackets and be eligible for valuable prizes! You can win t-shirts and other merchandise for individual tournaments or the overall prize, which last year was a trip for two to this year’s Championships in Atlanta. Just go to and sign up. You can also look up other player’s brackets so you can trash talk and taunt your friends. 

I hear you didn’t win any regional brackets, were you surprised when you won the Championship bracket? I actually didn’t win ANY individual Tournament brackets – not even Championships. However, I had the highest score overall, and that’s how I won. So, you don’t want to give up after doing poorly in any tournaments. The point structure can save you. Keep playing because there is always a chance.

Did you structure your picks around who you wanted to win, who had been playing well last year, or did you have a super-secret strategy for picking the winning teams? I’m just a little obsessed with derby at that level so I watch a lot, read a lot, and follow the stats and players carefully. So, I can sort of guess who is going to win based on that. It’s hard though when it’s a team you love. Last year I really wanted Ohio Roller Girls and Rat City to go further in their tournaments so I was a little generous in picking them for wins.

Mosh Spice being interviewed on!

How did you do on your bracket at this years North Central Regionals (held in Niagara Falls, September 14-16, 2012)? Absolutely awful. Then again, so did everyone else. By the game between Madison’s Mad Rollin’ Dolls and Detroit (only Game 12) there was only one perfect bracket left and that guy had picked Madison to win. They lost. He did go on to win the Bracket overall though. That was the only game he missed. (Grrrr!) I was EXTREMELY thrilled to see Ohio Roller Girls do so well. Having the whole stadium chanting “O-HI-O” after they lost a hard-fought battle against Windy City was pretty thrilling. OHRG worked Windy City over pretty good. I was hoping they’d ruin my bracket in that game.

Were there any upsets at NC Regionals that really screwed up your picks?  Major upsets by Brewcity (from Milwaukee) and surprise losses by The Chicago Outfit caused everyone trouble. The Brewcity game against St. Louis’ Arch Rival was won by 3 points – basically in the last jam. That game sent a lot of bracket players down the tubes.

Do you plan on filling out a bracket for each region and Championships this year? Or are you going to let someone else win? I’m going to play but I don’t think I’ll do as well this year. The teams have really stepped up, there have been some big changes on some of the rosters and some long-standing powerhouses are looking a little weak. It’s a difficult year to try to pick winners. I don’t feel as confident in my picks as I did last year. But then, the pressure is on, isn’t it?!

When you found out you won the national bracket did you suddenly have everyone vying for that second ticket? Who are you taking? My two main BRRG competitors, Ivanna Destroya and Hidden Ajennda were vying for that 2nd ticket because we’d all worked on our brackets together but in the end I had to take my husband, David Feck’em. He doesn’t get many chances to watch derby for fun because of his Reffing Addiction.

We all know you have a big soft spot in your derby heart for Gotham and Suzy Hotrod. Do you think they’ll take the Hydra this year? I am wondering. Last year they were sleeping in oxygen tents and prepping for playing at Denver’s high altitude. This year they seem like they’re all traveling around a lot playing separately. I would LOVE to be there to see them win. I really need an autograph on my Limited Edition Suzy Hotrod print that I got for my birthday from The Killustrator and Hidden Ajennda. An autograph from a 3-time Hydra winner would be pretty cool. I could gaze at the autographed print while drinking out of my Suzy Hotrod coffee mug with my cat, also named Suzy Hotrod, curled up in my lap. Yeah, that’s one big soft spot for Hotrod and Gotham alright.

For anyone interested in trying their hand at the Bracket Contest, here’s that link again –


Our home team season is over, and normally, that’s it for fans of the Burning River Roller Girls until our charity bout in the fall.

But this year, the excitement is just beginning.

This Saturday, June 16, our travel teams will compete against the Tri-City Roller Girls from Kitchener, Ontario in a double-header event!

These aren’t exhibition games. This is the real deal.  Saturday’s bouts will count toward our regional cred and will posture us in the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) national rankings.

The HazMat Crew (B-team) and the Burning River All-Stars (A-team) are made up of the best skaters from our home teams. Imagine the Killustrator of the Cleveland Steamers skating on the same team as Hidden Ajennda of the Rolling Pin-Ups. Or Premo Donna of the Hard Knockers getting an assist from Morbid Cherub of the Hellbombers.

It’s a dream team for Cleveland roller derby fans, and it’s all going down this Saturday. Witness the best of the best of the Burning River Roller Girls as they compete in the first ever international roller derby bout at the Wolstein Center!

And if that wasn’t enough, show up early to watch our special guests, the Glass City Rollers of Toldeo face off against BRRG’s Pyromaniacs, the team from which our home teams draft skaters. You’ll want to keep an eye on these faces — they are the future of BRRG!

Tickets are $12 in advance, $17 at the door. Be there! Oh and don’t forget to wear your orange and blue!

Maul-ibu Barbie and Punkd Pixie race.

Fans, start warming up your vocal chords and get ready to cheer your brains out because this weekend is literally bursting at the seams with roller derby.


First up will be one of the most exciting nights of the year for Cleveland roller derby as the league welcomes you to the semifinals for its home team exhibition games. Skaters will compete at the Cleveland State Wolstein Center May 5 with the Hellbombers vs. the Hard Knockers and the Rolling Pin-Ups vs. the Cleveland Steamers.

The Pin-Ups are in first place after an upset of the previously undefeated Hellbombers. But no one is safe in the semifinals. Winners of these bouts will determine who will have a shot at the highly sought Hazard Cup for the June 9 championship games!

Arrive early for a special match-up between our farm team, the Pyromaniacs, and our special guests, the Sandusky Roller Girls.

And don’t worry. While this event is family friendly, with a kids club and other activities, there’s also a bar for those who want to get their Cinco de Mayo fun started for the night. Ole!

Adult advance: $12; Adult day-of: $17; Kids (12 and younger): $6; Special group (Student, Military): $10
Ask the box office about special VIP rates.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Wolstein Center box office, by phone at 1-877-468-4946 or online at Processing/convenience fees apply for online and phone orders.

Venue information
Doors open at 5 p.m. / Pre-show bout 5:15 p.m. / Main event 6 p.m.
Wolstein Center – Cleveland State University
2000 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio


But don’t party too hard because Sunday morning it’s time to roll out of bed for a special match-up between the Burning River All-Stars and the Long Island Roller Rebels of New York at Pla-Mor Roller Rink in Euclid. The All-Stars team is made of the best of the best of the Burning River Roller Girls, and these skaters plan to prove it in this bout.

Concessions will be available at the Pla-Mor snack stand. Bring your own soft mats or plastic chairs for seating.

See you this weekend!

General admission: $3 (cash only). Available at the door.
Free for season pass holders. Check your email for details.

Venue information
Doors open at 10 a.m. / Bout 10:20 a.m.
Pla-Mor Roller Rink
22466 Shore Center Drive
Cleveland, OH

Bouts both far and near April 14

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Saturday, April 14 offers two different opportunities to support our travel teams as they take on competitors throughout the region.

First, the Burning River All-Stars will be hitting the road to Rochester. N.Y. in a match-up against Roc City Roller Derby. Throw on some orange and blue and plan a road trip to support our league!

Who: Burning River All-Stars vs. Roc City Roller Derby
When: Saturday, April 14. Doors open at 5 p.m.
B-Sides vs. Oz Roller Girls, 6 p.m.
All-Stars scheduled to play at 8 p.m.
Where: The Dome Arena, 2695 E. Henrietta Road, Rochester, N.Y.
Tickets: Available online. Prices range from $5-$20.

Rochester too far away? Take a jaunt to our neighbors to the south and watch the Burning River HazMat Crew take on the Rubber City Roller Girls in Akron!

Who: Burning River HazMat Crew vs. Rubber City Rollergirls
When: Saturday April 14. Doors open at 5 p.m..
RCRG vs. Glass City Rollers, 6 p.m.
RCRG vs. Burning River HazMat Crew, 7:15 p.m.
Where: John S. Knight Center 77 E. Mill Street Akron, OH
Tickets: Available online. Prices range $5-$9.

See you Saturday. And don’t forget about our home team bouts April 21 at the Wolstein Center!

So in the past week, the Burning River All-Stars have played two bouts, our Pyromaniacs had their first bout at the Wolstein Center against the first away team we’ve ever hosted in that venue, and our four home teams completed Bout 2 of the season.

Oh my!

Let’s start with a rundown of the scores. Then we have a recap of the Burning River All-Stars bout against Derby City March 24. We’ll have recaps of the March 31 bouts later in the week, so check back for details.

March 24
Burning River All Stars, 261
Derby City Rollergirls, 101

March 25
Dutchland Derby Rollers, 177
Burning River All-Stars, 105

March 31
Sandusky Roller Girls, 79
Pyromaniacs, 15

Rolling Pin-Ups, 188
Cleveland Steamers, 34

Hellbombers, 132
Hard Knockers, 78

On March 24, the Burning River All-Stars traveled to Kentucky to take on the Derby City Rollergirls.
The bout was largely characterized by stunning defense from the BRRG, really fast packs and loads of power jams.
The first two jams were power jams for BRRG with the Killustrator and Maul-ibu Barbie  starting off the game 31 to 0.  A few jams later DCRG had a 14-point power jam, which brought the score to 60-18.
The evening continued with plenty of power jams on both sides as jammers kept getting sent to the penalty box. BRRG was able to effectively kill some of the DCRG power jams by racing to the front of the pack and out-skating the other team’s jammer.
The Burning River defense dominated the game, partially because of the team’s repeated use of scrum starts with  BRRG holding the opposing jammer consistently at the back of the pack with a devastating three-wall.  The defense swarmed the jammer consistently right off the jammer line.
Halftime score was BRRG,  135 to DCRG, 48.
DCRG started the second half of the game strong scoring a quick 8 points and holding BRRG to 0 points in the first three jams.  But Burning River quickly adjusted, and a few jams later the Killustrator and Mary Kaos, in her All-Star debut bout, brought the score to 166 to 64.
Again the BRRG defense dominated with Hidden Ajennda and Ivanna Destroya effectively holding off the jammers.
Halfway through the second half the Derby City Girls pulled off a successful star pass from #6 Celia Graves lining up on the jammer line and passing the star helmet cover to #23 Little Rage of Sunshine.
Final Score Burning River, 261 to Derby City, 101.

(Thank you to Sweet Heart-Attack for providing updates from the Derby City bout).

Thank you to Derby City for hosting us in this very exciting match-up!

This weekend is going to be a big one for WFTDA-certified travel team, the Burning River All-Stars, who will be hitting the road for two out-of-state bouts.

First up, the All-Stars will be headed to Louisville, Ky., Saturday to play the Derby City Rollergirls. If you’re itching for a road trip, throw on your orange and blue and head to Kentucky to cheer on these awesome skaters. It’s so much nicer to compete with fans in the crowd!

Champs Rollerdrome
9851 Lagrange Rd.
Louisville, KY 40223

Doors open at 7 p.m.
Bout starts at 8 p.m.

Adult admission (ages 13 and up): $9
Children 7-12: $5
Children 6 and younger: FREE

Next up, it won’t be a lazy Sunday for the All-Stars … they’ll be hitting the road again to Indianapolis to play the Dutchland Derby Rollers. This is a private bout for invited guests only, but you can still send good vibes to our skaters in the general direction of Indiana.

The All-Stars and the HazMat Crew have  a packed travel schedule this season. Check out our confirmed schedule of bouts open to the public below (with the potential for more dates to be added).  Travel team games (All-Stars and HazMat) are bolded. Home team games (Steamers, Hard Knockers, Hellbombers, Pin-Ups) are italicized. Take special note of the two travel team games scheduled at the Wolstein Center in June and July! We hope you can join us! And wish our All-Stars good luck this weekend!

3/24/2012 Derby City vs. All-Stars @ Louisville, KY
3/31/2012 BRRG Season 6 Bout 2 Wolstein
4/14/2012 Roc City vs. All-Stars @ Rochester, NY
4/14/2012 Rubber City vs. HazMat @ Akron
4/21/2012 BRRG Season 6 Bout 3 Wolstein
5/5/2012 BRRG Season 6 Bout 4 Wolstein
6/2-6/3 All-Stars @ Brewhaha, Milwaukee, WI  
6/9/2012 BRRG Season 6 Bout 5 Wolstein
6/16/2012 Tri City Roller Girls vs. All-Stars & HazMat @ Home (Wolstein)
6/30/2012 HazMat @ Little Steel Tournament, Youngstown, OH
7/14/2012 NEO vs. HazMat & All-Stars @ Akron
7/21/2012 TBD vs. HazMat & All-Stars @ Home (Wolstein)
8/18/2012 Black N Bluegrass vs. HazMat @ Florence, KY

Did you see our new billboards?!

If you missed roller derby this weekend, you missed out!

Congrats to the Hellbombers for a 166-48 victory over the Cleveland Steamers and to the Hard Knockers for defeating the Rolling Pin-Ups 132-131. Very exciting way to kick off the season!

We’ll be posting pictures and a bout recap as soon as possible. But in the meantime, go to our Twitter feed at to read our updates posted throughout the night.

Also, some of you who were there on Saturday have had some great questions about what exactly was happening on the track. We’ve started a new routine at the bouts in which skaters who aren’t playing will be walking around the Wolstein Center with bright orange T-shirts on that say “Ask me about derby.” We know derby is new to some of you, and also that strategies change from year to year, so these skaters are on-hand for you to ask questions about anything that you might not totally understand.

We’ll also be using this blog as a forum to hash out some of the nitty-gritty in more detail, so if you have questions, send them our way! Coming soon, we’ll be talking about what is the function of a pivot (the skater with the striped helmet cover), what’s going on with the different ways that a jam is started, and how the speed of the pack is determined.

Until then, check out this nifty guide from WFTDA (the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) about how to get the most out of watching a roller derby bout.

We’ll see you again March 31!  Get your tickets now for $12.