Weekend scores and watching derby

Posted: March 12, 2012 by burningriverrollergirls in Bout Recaps, BRRG News, Cleveland Steamers, home teams, Rolling Pin-Ups, The Hard Knockers, The Hellbombers
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Did you see our new billboards?!

If you missed roller derby this weekend, you missed out!

Congrats to the Hellbombers for a 166-48 victory over the Cleveland Steamers and to the Hard Knockers for defeating the Rolling Pin-Ups 132-131. Very exciting way to kick off the season!

We’ll be posting pictures and a bout recap as soon as possible. But in the meantime, go to our Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/burningriver to read our updates posted throughout the night.

Also, some of you who were there on Saturday have had some great questions about what exactly was happening on the track. We’ve started a new routine at the bouts in which skaters who aren’t playing will be walking around the Wolstein Center with bright orange T-shirts on that say “Ask me about derby.” We know derby is new to some of you, and also that strategies change from year to year, so these skaters are on-hand for you to ask questions about anything that you might not totally understand.

We’ll also be using this blog as a forum to hash out some of the nitty-gritty in more detail, so if you have questions, send them our way! Coming soon, we’ll be talking about what is the function of a pivot (the skater with the striped helmet cover), what’s going on with the different ways that a jam is started, and how the speed of the pack is determined.

Until then, check out this nifty guide from WFTDA (the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) about how to get the most out of watching a roller derby bout.

We’ll see you again March 31!  Get your tickets now for $12.


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