Team Black and Team Blue are here!

Posted: October 30, 2011 by burningriverrollergirls in Black & Blue, BRRG News, General
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Our Black & Blue 6 captains auction was a huge success this year. Congratulations to Tammie Konicki, who won the spot of captain for Team Black with her bid of $202.50 and to Doug McCutcheon who bid $186 to captain Team Blue. We’re so excited to add the proceeds from the auction to our donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio. Thank you so much to our top bidders and to everyone who participated.

And now our two winners have made their selections for this year’s Black & Blue charity bout! Here are the teams. Find your favorite skaters and pick who you will cheer on Nov. 19 at the Wolstein Center! Don’t forget to buy your tickets early at the special discounted rate. Prices go up day of the game.

Black & Blue 6 details.

Guest Captain: Tammie “Red Devil” Konicki

Amstel Standin
B. Onya Guard
Death Proof
Demona Driver
Dita Von B.
Eartha Hitt
Eva Lucien — co-captain (Evil Lucien)
Hot Mess (Messy)
Mae Burnya
Marion Razorwound (Razor)
Maul-ibu Barbie
Mo’ Nasty
Molotov Hot-Tail
Mosh Spice
Mrs. Love-Hit
Olive Bruises
Pinky Teasadero
Premo Donna
Slot Ma Sheen
Star Crash
Sweetheart Attack
The Killustrator (Bi-Polar Bear)
Veruca Salty (The Strangler)

Guest Captain: Doug “Robert Deadford” McCutcheon

Anna Malinstinct
Bad Mooney Rising
Bamm B. Hunt-Her
Beatrix Wicked (Miss Inga Page)
Chelle Shock
Cherry Venom
Dagney Taghurt (T-Payne)
DominKNITrix (Knitty Gritty)
Hellz Kellz
Hidden Ajennda — co-captain (Ajennda)
Holly Huntress
LuLu (Baby Tongue)
Luz Cannon
Mandy Maggots
Mary Kaos (yermom)
Professor Booty (Booty)
Punkd Pixie (Pixie Lou)
Rainbow Fright (The Vajazzler)
Slaughterama Mama
Soul Eater
Sparkles (Farah Moan)
The Eduskater
West Nel Virus

So, who will you be cheering for at Black & Blue 6?

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