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As many of you know, Soza Fitness and Wellness has been a longtime sponsor, supporter and friend of the Burning River Roller Girls. And now the favorite workout locale is stepping up to support our league in a new and exciting way.

Over the next few weeks, Soza will be sponsoring several promotions in connection with Black & Blue 6 to help us raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio. Soza’s goal is $1,000. Help us make it happen and win great prizes along the way!

Weekly prizes from Soza as part of the donation face-off event.

1. Donation face-off
First of all, now through Nov. 18, Soza will be hosting a donation face-off. Ballot/donation boxes will be set up with coordinating BRRG home teams. Enter your ballot (necessary to win) and loose change (unnecessary to win, but appreciated by our charity).

The box with the most donations wins. All ballots that chose the winning team will be entered into a drawing for prizes! Visit Soza for more details and start playing!

2. Halloween party
Still looking for a Halloween party this weekend? Stop by Soza Oct. 29 between 7-10 p.m. for a special 50s and 60s themed Rock Around the Clock Halloween party! Poodle skirts and leather jackets welcomed, but not required.

A $10 ticket provides you with food, beverages, music, prizes and the company of some of the Burning River Roller Girls. Nothing scary about that! Everyone is welcome. No gym membership necessary!

Bonus: Proceeds go to support BRRG’s Black & Blue 6 benefit, so a portion of this ticket cost is tax deductible. Your receipt will serve as your ticket or you may pick up your ticket at the gym with your receipt prior to the event.

3. Get in shape
Besides cheering for your favorite team in the face-off and hanging out with your favorite skaters at the Halloween bash, you can exercise like your favorite skaters at Soza.

Get a head start in battling the holiday weight gain by signing up for a membership at Soza between now and Oct. 31.

Along with its partners, Soza said it will donate $17  to our cause for every three-month Soza VIP Plan purchased during that time period, plus you get the fourth month free.

For more information on all of these promotions, click here or visit Soza Fitness and Wellness at 5236 Ridge Road, Parma, Ohio, 44129.


Q:What prompted you to get into derby?
I started going to the bouts to watch Death Proof and cheer on the Steamers! Although I really didn’t understand the game except for the jammer having to get through the pack, I loved the atmosphere in the stadium; skaters, fans, music, costumes, skulls, tats – totally cool! I went to an open skate a week before fresh meat started to see if I remembered how to skate and bought my gear the following day! Been diggin’ it ever since!

Q:What about being on a team is different from what you previously thought?
I’ve played with other teams in other sports before and usually most of the time teams will “click” and everyone will get along, but for some reason in derby, teams just seem to bond more! I cannot imagine being on another team.

Q: What was it like, getting to skate in your first bout against Bleeding Heartland?
I’m sure I didn’t think this before the Bleeding Heartland bout because I was so nervous at the time, but playing there first helped take away some of my jitters for the first home bout in Cleveland at the Wolstein (just some)!  My HazMat teammates and all the vets calmed my nerves  from breakfast time until the bout started! I had never felt that much adrenalin with any other sport I have played. It was a total rush!

Q:What has been your most humbling moment in derby so far?
When I first started skating with the fresh meat I really had no skating or derby skills so it was pretty cool when I  passed the skills test.  And then little by little the vets started to trickle in and real derby began!  I consider myself a pretty competitive person so it was very humbling to skate with the vets.  It was like skating with my super heroes!

Q:Tell us about your off-skates workout regimen.
I workout pretty consistently off skates, I always have. I get cranky when I can’t. I love running outside.  I can’t do treadmills they are way too boring for me!  Ashtanga and Bikram yoga at least two times a week.  Spin classes totally suck but are totally necessary!  And since I started derby, I’ve been making an effort to do more plyometric training and weights, the really fun stuff!

Q:What has been your biggest challenge in derby so far?
My biggest challenge I’ve had with derby so far is being able to play faster, smarter derby. Not faster as in my skating, but the actual game. Recognizing whether I should be switching from offense to defense,  my position on the track, being aware of both jammers, communicating with my team.  It’s a fast, strategic game with a ton of rules!

Q:Any words of advice for someone considering trying out for BRRG?
The only advice I have to the future BRRG fresh meaties is to STAY INTO IT! Don’t give up no matter how many times you wanna throw up from line drills or hit your bottom on the floor!  It’s alllll worth it!

Q:Tell our fans one fun fact about you:
I’m a total biker chic when I can be!

Q:Do you have a pre-bout routine or any bout day superstitions?
I do anything but rest or relax before the bouts, I’m way too anxious to sit around.  I do a mini workout in the morning and usually end up spastically cleaning my apartment.

Q:Give a shout out to the Hot Mess fans out there!
Thank you to all the BRRG fans. We love and appreciate all your cheers!  Keep it HOT, keep it M3SSY!

Pin-Up Pixie posing with the Hazard Cup

Skater/Ref Name: Punkd Pixie
(AKA): Pixie, Pix, Pixieloo

 Q: You came on as a rookie in Season 2-Is there anything about derby that stands out in your mind as having changed since you first became part of BRRG?
Oh my, so many things have changed it might be easier to talk about what is still the same.  When I joined the league we were still trying to decide if we were a league that wanted to do this for entertainment/skate for fun or if we were going to take this as a serious sport. I am so grateful for the skaters who pushed us to take this as a serious sport! I love the level of competition that decision brought the league. Watching other skaters strive to improve keeps me working harder and harder even after four seasons. We have some tough girls on this league!

Q: Is there anything you miss about those days, when derby wasn’t such a well-known sport?
Hmmm, I honestly can’t think of too many things. I’m so excited that derby across the world is blooming. I guess if there was one thing I miss it would have to be the personal interaction with the fans. I miss being able to meet all the new fans and chatting with them for a few minutes. So if you’re a new fan out there, come say Hi!

Q: What do you have to say to people that question the athleticism of modern derby?
Shut Up!! Just joking. I would love to have those people follow us to a practice to see how hard we skate, or how often the majority of the girls work out outside of practicing three plus time a week. We are constantly watching games on DNN (Derby News Network), reading articles, on chat boards with skaters from other leagues to learn new strategy, or trying to figure out just how to do a skill better to improve our game. So much of my derby time is focused on the athleticism of modern derby, if they knew they wouldn’t question it.

Q: Captaining the championship team must be quite a workload! How do you handle all of the different struggles?
It is very challenging but I love it! I was captain of the HazMat Crew when it first started, have been writing and running practices for a few years, and usually always help at the Fresh Meat practices, training the new recruits. All these experiences have helped get me ready to captain the Pin-Ups. We have six new rookies on our team out of 15 skaters! You have to be able to see what’s working/not working for not only your team but individual skaters, too. Everyone learns in different ways so you have to come from multiple angles when trying to coach, but I’m having a good time with the challenge.

Q: It’s pretty epic when all of your fans show up to create the sea of green and polka-dots at the Wolstein center though, right?
Oi! It was crazy! I remember skating out and looking around going “Whoa…. every one’s in green!” When you know you have fans out there, the energy they help you create is amazing. The awesome thing is this is a new season with new skaters so who knows what colors the stands will be painted with this year (but I’m working hard to see green again.)

Q: What was it like for your team to win the Hazard Cup in Season 4?
We had such a hard Season 3 only skating with nine players one game due to injures, etc., and we ended up in last place. I think we all came back hungry for a victory! When that last whistle blew in the final jam last July I just stood there with my hand over my mouth… I couldn’t believe we did it!! We were all very proud of each other for coming together as team, which is really important I think. We can honestly say there wasn’t one or two skaters who won that game for us, we all played our best together, and it showed. I think all of the BRRG teams work really hard to be their best.

Q: What has been your most humbling moment in derby, so far?
It would have to be when my fellow BRRG league mates picked me up on their shoulders after we won the Championship. I was so overwhelmed that they were that proud of me. I’ll never forget that moment.

Q: What is your favorite drill?
My favorite drill is probably the Windy City hitting drill or maybe The Gauntlet. The WC hitting drill was develop by the Chicago derby league. Skaters are in a single-file line, the last skater in line skates forward touches the inside of the track and winds up to hit the next skater in line as hard as she can. It really teaches you how to use powerful hits with your core. The Gauntlet is two single file lines (one on by the inside line of the track one by the outside) you start from the back, skate forward and just start hitting skaters as hard as you can while skating forward. I guess I just like to hit people.

Q: After all these years, does anyone still intimidate you on the track?
There are a few girls that stand out but I won’t name names. I think when you’re skating you have to put all thoughts of who is tough out of your head. To be a good jammer you need to be fearless and take risks on the track you can’t let yourself be intimidated.

Q: Tell us about your off-skates work-out regimen.
My goal every week (and yes I keep a chart on my wall like a dork) is to skate at practice three times a week. Beyond that at least twice a week I bike (stationary) 1/2 a mile, run 2+ miles, and do a set rep of arm weights, abs workout about 15 minutes, plyometic exercises 15 minutes. The whole thing takes about 1 1/2 hours. At least one day a week I try to do a not-so intense smaller workout around 30-45 minutes of something fun like jump rope intervals, using a stability ball, or I find and try out new workouts online to see if there is something I should be adding to my normal routine. So I skate three times and work out three times. I love pushing myself to get better.

Pixie takes a moment with her biggest fan, her daughter.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in derby so far?
I would say trying to teach myself how to be a jammer. When I first started skating my desire was to only be a blocker, a great blocker, but I never saw myself as a jammer. However, by the time Season 3 (my second year skating) came around the Pin-Ups were short handed. Eva was captain at the time, she came to me and said “Pix we need you to jam. It’s gonna be me and you jamming every other jam.” I was like, OK I better learn how to do this thing.

Q: Any words of advice for someone considering trying-out for BRRG?
JUST DO IT! It is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my life. Two things to start doing now — 1) Get into a weekly cardio/strength training workout.  2) Go to as many open skates/Wreck derby days as you can. The more familiar you are on your skates the faster you’ll be able to learn the game and not worry about just moving your feet.

Q: Tell our fans: 1 fun fact about you
I love hot dogs! I usually get a hot dog and a beer after every derby bout. I even have a hot dog sticker on the back of my helmet. He has an eye patch and flame thrower too! The Diabolical Hot Dog is his official title.

Q: Do you have a pre-bout routine or any bout day superstitions?
I definitely have a pre-bout routine. No red meat and start drinking a ton of water 3 days before a bout, night before I eat pasta and go to bed early, day of I wake up and eat oatmeal, 2 eggs, banana and I start doing what I call “derby zen” I think about what I’m going to do on the track, what I can say or do to help my teammates, and of course winning the bout. I clean my wheels, pack my bags, and arrive at the Wolstein early to eat a big salad with chicken and start pumping up the other Pin-Ups .We train all year to skate a few times, by bout day I am ready to play hard but have a ton of fun too!! Derby is a blast, skate hard! Have fun!!