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As many of you know, Soza Fitness and Wellness has been a longtime sponsor, supporter and friend of the Burning River Roller Girls. And now the favorite workout locale is stepping up to support our league in a new and exciting way.

Over the next few weeks, Soza will be sponsoring several promotions in connection with Black & Blue 6 to help us raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio. Soza’s goal is $1,000. Help us make it happen and win great prizes along the way!

Weekly prizes from Soza as part of the donation face-off event.

1. Donation face-off
First of all, now through Nov. 18, Soza will be hosting a donation face-off. Ballot/donation boxes will be set up with coordinating BRRG home teams. Enter your ballot (necessary to win) and loose change (unnecessary to win, but appreciated by our charity).

The box with the most donations wins. All ballots that chose the winning team will be entered into a drawing for prizes! Visit Soza for more details and start playing!

2. Halloween party
Still looking for a Halloween party this weekend? Stop by Soza Oct. 29 between 7-10 p.m. for a special 50s and 60s themed Rock Around the Clock Halloween party! Poodle skirts and leather jackets welcomed, but not required.

A $10 ticket provides you with food, beverages, music, prizes and the company of some of the Burning River Roller Girls. Nothing scary about that! Everyone is welcome. No gym membership necessary!

Bonus: Proceeds go to support BRRG’s Black & Blue 6 benefit, so a portion of this ticket cost is tax deductible. Your receipt will serve as your ticket or you may pick up your ticket at the gym with your receipt prior to the event.

3. Get in shape
Besides cheering for your favorite team in the face-off and hanging out with your favorite skaters at the Halloween bash, you can exercise like your favorite skaters at Soza.

Get a head start in battling the holiday weight gain by signing up for a membership at Soza between now and Oct. 31.

Along with its partners, Soza said it will donate $17  to our cause for every three-month Soza VIP Plan purchased during that time period, plus you get the fourth month free.

For more information on all of these promotions, click here or visit Soza Fitness and Wellness at 5236 Ridge Road, Parma, Ohio, 44129.


Demona Driver

Let’s meet Demona Driver of the BRRG HazMat Crew!

What do your fellow skaters call you?: Double D or Demona

Q:What prompted you to get into derby?
I love contact sports and skating, so it was a win-win situation.

Q:Tell us about your experience before joining up.
I started skating when I was about 5 years old; it’s always been a favorite past time activity. So, when I found derby it was great.

Q:Is there anything about derby that stands out in your mind as having changed since you first became part of BRRG?
The athleticism of it. I think some people see derby as cute girls in skirts skating and hitting each other, but it’s so much more than that. It takes a lot of work and skill to be an effective player.

Q:What about being on a team is different than you previously thought?
Just the way everyone comes together for a common goal, working hard to make sure we all learn each other’s ways and abilities, and find a way to help and encourage each other.

Q: What was it like, getting to skate in your first bout against Bleeding Heartland?
It was amazing, the gals of Bleeding Heartland had some great strategy work, and I learned that I can put out more energy than I thought when my adrenaline is pumping hard!

Q: What did you learn in that bout that you’ll put to good use in the next HazMat bout?
How important forming good strong walls is. Also, how important solid communication (on and off the track) is for success.

Q:What has been your most humbling moment in derby so far?
Just hanging on and trying harder. When I first started I felt very slow and confused, and I knew I had to put in a lot of work on and off the track to rise above.

Q:What travel team would you LOVE to face off against?
I would like to play against the Detroit derby girls!

Q: What is your favorite drill?
Windy City hitting drill. Not only is it hard hitting, but it’s great endurance work as well!

Demona in her first bout against Bleeding Heartland

Q:Tell us about your off-skates workout regimen.
Well I go to Soza Fitness and Wellness at least three to four times for various boot-camp classes, and I also go to the Y for running, weight lifting and swimming at least three days a week.

Q:What has been your biggest challenge in derby so far?
Overcoming my physical limitations.

Q: Any words of advice for someone considering trying-out for BRRG?
Off skates training is essential for success. I don’t think enough people realize how important strength training is towards your derby goals!

Q:Tell our fans one fun fact about you:
I love to karaoke and don’t get to do it enough!

Q:Do you have a pre-bout routine or any bout day superstitions?
I love to do yoga or some form of meditation before a bout.

Congratulations Demona on becoming the newest addition to the Hard Knockers!  Be sure to check her out when The Knockers take on The Hellbombers April 30 at the Wolstein.