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Bad Mooney Rising is declared winner of the 2010 Full-Contact Musical Chairs.

So, we must confess, we’ve been holding out on you a little bit.

We’ve announced our captains, our teams, our announcers, our prizes, our charity and many other exciting aspects of Black & Blue 6, Nov. 19 at the Cleveland State Wolstein Center.

But we haven’t delved into the best part yet. If you’ve been to a Black & Blue in the past, you probably know what we’re talking about.

It’s violent. It’s nail-biting. No rules. No mercy.

It’s the initiation of a lifetime.

That’s right. The best part of Black & Blue 6 is the full-contact musical chairs half-time show, a traditional rite of passage for our new recruits. This will be the first time we present the league’s newest skaters to the world, and, boy, what a presentation!

Same basic rules as regular musical chairs … but this isn’t kindergarten namby pamby play time. These girls will wear skates, and they are allowed to do anything, yes anything, to secure that chair when the music stops.

This will be the first time they get to show off their skills and grit to the world. And if it’s anything like years past, what a show it will be!

Check out the video to see the final round of last year’s musical chairs half-time show. Then buy your tickets now to see this year’s event live and in person!

You won’t want to miss the event the roller derby community will be buzzing about all year. We still talk about the Mooney/LuLu showdown and Luz Cannon dancing around her chair!


BRRG 2006 Team Photo

In preparation for our 5th Season kick-off (in two days!) we posted a timeline of our league’s history:

In 2006, forty daring women (and a few brave dudes) with a DIY attitude rolled up their sleeves and began a journey of a lifetime. They formed the Burning River Roller Girls (BRRG) and were forever changed just by lacing up a pair of roller skates. Ask any member what it means to be a part of the league and you’ll hear a different story each time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skater, a referee, a statistician, a manager or an announcer – it is a daunting and remarkable experience rolled into one.

Read the rest and check out the photos and archive videos.