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Cherry Venom clears the way for CoCo Sparx as the All-Stars play The Chicago Outfit. Photos courtesy of Stearns Images.

The Burning River Roller Girls send out a big thank you to their travel team skaters, who wrapped up their season over the weekend. We’re so proud of our Burning River All-Stars and HazMat Crew for representing us as they compete against other leagues around the North Central Region. Way to go, ladies!

 A giant thank you also goes out to The Chicago Outfit Syndicate and the Rubber City Rollergirls for hosting us this weekend in some really exciting roller derby match-ups. Great job!

Many of our refs and volunteers also hit the road with our teams. Thank you for all that you do. We just couldn’t run these games without them.

And last, but not least, thank you thank you THANK YOU to the friends, family and fans who traveled to watch these teams play throughout the season. Seeing friendly faces in the crowd makes playing away games so much nicer. Burning River Roller Girls fans are the best! 

Eva Lucien dodges a block from a Chicago Outfit skater.


Burning River All-Stars: 53
The Chicago Outfit Syndicate: 167

Burning River HazMat Crew: 81
Rubber City Rollergirls: 94

Tell us, did you go to any of the travel teams’ bouts this year? Share with us your favorite moments or help us congratulate the girls on a great season.

GrrAnimal and B. Onya Guard attempt to chase down the too fast Eva Lucien

The 2011 Burning River Roller Girls semi-finals night exploded into action with the Cleveland Steamers taking on the reigning Hazard Cup Champions, the Rolling Pin-Ups. This bout was fast-moving and action packed. Hits were hard. Packs were racing. The Rolling Pin-Ups sped to a 48-5 lead in the first quarter. But the Cleveland Steamers were not to be left behind. They battled jam after jam but couldn’t quite catch up. Halftime score left the Rolling Pin-Ups ahead 81-34.

The Cleveland Steamers came out in the second half skating their hearts out, still hoping to take down the reigning champs. The Rolling Pin-Ups were not taking the Steamers lightly. Hard hits sent skaters from both teams flying and even caused an injury or two. The Cleveland Steamers closed the gap a bit and never gave up. But after another extremely fast-paced half, the Rolling-Pin-Ups prevailed and pulled off the win with a final score of 118-67. They will be defending the crown July 16 at the Hazard Cup Finals.

Jammers Razor and Mommy's Little Monster cut it close

The second bout continued the excitement of the night with Hard Knockers taking on the Hellbombers. The pace of this match-up was a little different with the Hard Knockers using slow derby methods to catch the Hellbombers off guard and to try to shake up their strategy. The Hellbombers would have none of it, and blasted through the slow packs time and time again and pulled out to an early 24-4 lead. The Hard Knockers would not throw in the towel or give up on their strategy and forged ahead. They stuck together and made small gains on the Hellbomber lead. As the time ran out at halftime, Hellbombers led 91-40.
The Hard Knockers came out with added energy in the second half and kept pounding away at the Hellbombers lead. The Hellbombers kept fighting and would not be taken down. In the end, the Hellbombers took a commanding lead and won, beating the Hard Knockers 165-96. The Hellbombers will be facing the reigning champs, The Rolling Pin-Ups, at the Hazard Cup Finals on July 16.

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Recap courtesy of Skully Smasher

Veruca Salty goes up against Bomber, Marion Razorwound

The third bout of the season pitted teams with similar strategies against each other, creating a multiplier effect resulting in a slower strategic game with the Hellbombers against the Hard Knockers, and a fast-paced game with Cleveland Steamers versus the Rolling Pin-Ups.

This season, the Hard Knockers have been playing to their strength as a team of hard hitters by employing the slow jam start where a team’s blockers wait just infront of the jam line allowing them to dominate the back and start the jam with the opposing jammer hitting their wall. As in the last game where the Knockers beat the Cleveland Steamers, this can be effective if the other team doesn’t adapt quickly enough.

The Hellbombers chose to combat this by also playing the slow game at the start of the jam. This resulted in jams starting much like a game of chess, full of strategy, but, not much action. But, this jostling for pack domination was short lived as each team’s agile jammers often were able to find a hole they could burst through.

Sparkles escapes the pack

The Knockers were able to gain a small lead at the beginning with the lead alternating in the first ten jams, but several jams in a row with Hellbomber jammers Sparkles, Eduskator, and Professor Booty immediately bursting through the slow wall gave their team a lead they managed to hold for the rest of the game. Once through, the Hellbombers knew to keep the pack fast so the Knockers couldn’t re-establish their strong walls.

The Hard Knockers were able to hold the score down, so the spread stayed around 60 for the second half. But, just couldn’t rally enough to avoid giving the Hellbombers another win.

BuddhaLicious determined to take the lead

The next game with two quick teams, the Cleveland Steamers and Rolling Pin-Ups, also resulted in a multiplier effect of strategy giving a remarkably fast paced game. This was also a smartly played game. It was often the case that each jammer got through close to the other, so that the lead jammer could only pick off a few points before being forced to call off the jam.

The Steamers held lead in most of the first half. But, the second half started shaky for the Steamers as they started to rack up more penalties, letting Pin-Ups catch up. The Steamers were able to hold it until the last jam of the night when Pin-Ups had a one point lead at 73-72 with 53 seconds left on the game clock.

Rainbow Fright working hard to save the day

Steamer jammer Rainbow Fright got lead on Pin-Up jammer Punkd Pixie and the Steamer blockers were able to hold Pixie enough to give Rainbow a half track lead. But, Pixie was able to break through and the Pin-Ups kept the pack fast to get away from Rainbow so that they could hold their lead with just seconds left. With Pixie right behind, Rainbow finally caught up to the pack. She whipped off fellow blocker CupQuake who then stayed back to keep Pixie at bay while Rainbow continued into the fray where she was able to pass a few opposing blockers and quickly called it. Hoping she got enough points and that Pixie didn’t get any, Rainbow watched the score board with the rest of the Wolstein center to see the Pin-Ups didn’t score but the Cleveland Steamers received two points and a one point victory of 74-73.

Bad Mooney Rising takes down The Killustrator with a low block.

With the fifth season well under way, the name of the game for the Burning River Roller Girls second bout was learning from previous games as we saw in Hard Knockers vs. Cleveland Steamers and Hellbombers vs. Rolling Pin-Ups.

The first game of the night with Hard Knockers vs. Cleveland Steamers started low scoring and slow.  After a loss in the previous bout, the Knockers regrouped and started to play to their strength as a team of hard hitters.  To control the pack and keep it slow, they employed the less than exciting to watch but effective stop game of keeping close to the jam line at the start of the jam, not letting the jammers start.  The Steamers eventually edged forward enough causing a split pack so the jammers could start, only to be met by a solid wall of pink.

Vendetta Farfalle escapes a pack of pink and gold.

This was marginally effective at the start of the game as the Steamers inched into the lead in the first few jams.  It started to pay off when the Knockers tied it up, then Vendetta Farfalle had multiple grand slams on Rainbow Fright.  With a slow pack and solid walls, the agile jammers on the Steamers couldn’t get the momentum to break through.

Realizing this, the Steamers call a timeout to reassess their strategy.  The next jam they are able to keep the pack fast and break up the back wall so The Killustrator can get lead.  However, they were unable to do this for the majority of the game.

Other than Take Out’s 25 point jam at the end of the first half with the Knockers in the lead 91 to 28, there were no other high scoring jams like it in the second.  The Steamers were able to narrow the score but not enough with the Hard Knockers winning 143-93.

Rookie Sovrizal and vet Morbid make things hard for Punkd Pixie.

The second bout of the night pitted the Hellbombers against the Rolling Pin-Ups.  After losing their title last year to the Pin-Ups, and winning the last bout against the Steamers that was close enough to make them nervous, the Hellbombers were even more determined.

Pin-Ups and Bombers play a hard hitting game

The Hellbombers were able to prevent The Pin-Ups from scoring a single point for eight straight jams in the first half of the bout, but the girls in green never gave up.  They stood tough, stayed calm, and hit hard, working to close the gap.  It was an action-packed bout, to say the least, as evidenced by jams being called off as a result of downed skaters and jammer Punkd Pixie taking a helmet to the face as she called off a jam.  Slaughterama Mama was witnessed doing her signature sneaky take-downs. Taking advantage of their lead, the Bombers tried to run down the clock, leaving Pin-Ups no room for error. Keeping an eye on strategic opportunities, Pin-Ups would stuff the leading black jammer back into the pack, forcing a call off.  But it wasn’t enough.  The Hellbombers took the “W” with a final score 106-67.

Special thanks to our League Photographer, Dave Brown, for being so snappy with the shutter!  For info on his work, visit Dave Brown Images.

Halochic sends a Hellbomber jammer airborne as the pack looks on

I can only guess that the snow in Cleveland was melting this weekend because of the raw energy coming from the Wolstein Center as the Burning River Roller Girls opened their fifth season with the Hellbombers vs. the Cleveland Steamers and the Rolling Pin-Ups vs. the Hard Knockers.

The Cleveland Steamers started the game strong against the Hellbombers with walls that kept back their jammers, allowing the Steamers to take the lead and grab a handful of points each time.

It was a low scoring game until a full Steamer penalty box let the Bombers hold back Steamer jammer Buddhalicious while Bomber jammer Destroya racked up the points.

Steamers CupQuake and The Killustrator wall up against Bomber jammer Marion Razorwound

The Bombers continued to get lead, making the Steamers fight for the front of the pack to stem the tide of points until Buddhalicious was able get back at jammer Destroya with some positional blocking, allowing The Killustrator to score some grand slams bringing them back in the game.  CupQuake at the end of the first half brought the Steamers back in the lead at 36-35.

The second half started with Killustrator getting lead and causing Bomber jammer Sparkles to be trapped back into the pack, which I’m told is called “eating the baby.”  But the Bombers continued to own the pack so Marion Razorwound could grand slam Buddha tying it up at 53-53.

In a game that never had more than a 15-point spread, things were looking promising for the Steamers when jammer The Eduskator started in the box letting Buddha lap the pack, but the Buddha-Destroya feud in this game came to a head when Buddha had a back block major on Destroya, sending Buddha to the box and Eddie back on the track to bring the Bombers back up to 77 against the Steamers’ 80.

It was then that the Hellbombers rallied and brought the thunder to take the lead and hold it, despite CupQuake skating so hard the entire back truck of her skate flew off, making the Hellbombers the victors in this close battle at 87-84.

MILFinator gives a booty block to Pin-Up Mad Chatter

The second match up of the night with the Rolling Pin-Ups vs. the Hard Knockers kept the action going with hard hitting right off the line.  But it was the Pin-Ups that dominated that pack to get a 30-0 lead that the Knockers were not able to recover from.

It was survival of the fittest in the Knocker pack, but the fish on skates Eva Lucien adapted with some amazing footwork to juke around the ladies in pink.

The Pin-Ups lead only seemed to make the Knockers more determined, as was seen from the hits rookie jammer Premo Donna was delivering as she sliced through the pack to rack up several grand slams.  The Knockers played hard until the end, but the Rolling Pin-Ups had a solid win with 138-63.

Pivots Eva Lucien and Take-Out prepare for the first whistle

With an excellent home opener, fans are sure to be back in droves for our next bout in less than three weeks. These four teams have just a few more practices to get their skills honed for bout two, when the Hardknockers take on the Cleveland Steamers, and the Hellbombers face off against rivals the Rolling Pin-Ups.  Will the Bombers get their revenge against the girls in green for the stolen hazard cup?  If you saw the championship game last year, you know it’s sure to be an amazing, action-filled event!

Special thanks to our League Photographer, Dave Brown, for getting these amazing action shots turned around so quickly!  Visit him online at Dave Brown Images.