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Posted: September 17, 2012 by burningriverrollergirls in BRRG News, General
This was quite a busy weekend for the Burning River Roller Girls community.
First, several skaters attended the Race for the Cure opening ceremonies, while several skaters, refs, and NSO’s visited Niagara Falls to watch (and in some cases NSO for) the North Central Regional Playoffs!!!

For the past 2 years, Burning River Roller Girls has participated in opening ceremonies for the Cleveland Race for the Cure. We have found it to be a deeply moving way to honor the lives of breast cancer survivors and the memories of friends and family who have been lost to breast cancer. This year, we will be continuing our tradition of participating in the opening ceremonies of the Cleveland Race for the Cure.

BRRG values the perspectives of all women in our league, which includes a diversity of political viewpoints. While we encourage our skaters to be involved in their communities, as an organization, we remain neutral on topics of politics and ideology. Within the past year, there has been much discussion surrounding Susan G. Komen For the Cure’s financial support of Planned Parenthood. We recognize that our skaters and supporters may have strong feelings about this controversy. Our decision to participate in this year’s Cleveland Race for the Cure is not an endorsement of any political viewpoint but is intended as a message of support to those who have been affected by breast cancer.

If you have questions or comments about BRRG’s involvement in the Cleveland Race for the Cure, please feel free to contact our PR department at

Now onto the playoffs.  See how much fun these skaters are having?!!  Check out the WFTDA page on the Thrill of the Spill!                                                                                                                            
No worries – our skaters are safe and sound!!!  They just had a lot of fun!!!

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