Bracket time!

Posted: September 20, 2011 by burningriverrollergirls in General, WFTDA rankings
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Forget March Madness! Fall is where it’s at in the roller derby world as the best teams in the country host their regional tournaments over the next few weeks.

These tournaments will all lead up to the WFTDA 2011 Nationals in Broomfield, Colo., Nov. 11-13.

While the Burning River Roller Girls will not be playing in the Regionals this year, we are all having a blast filling out our official WFTDA brackets and watching live coverage on Derby News Network

Bracket time!

It’s too late to follow along with the East Region Playoffs (Congrats to Gotham Girls Roller Derby  for taking the title there). But more fun begins Sept. 23 as the West Region Playoffs start up. We’re especially excited to watch our region, the North Central Region, play Oct. 7-9.

Check your brackets for a schedule of the bouts and check DNN for details.
So you say “But I don’t know anything about these teams!”
Pshaw. So what?! What better time to learn? Sit back, relax, have fun filling out your bracket, and watch some of the top skaters in the U.S. demonstrate why roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the country!
And just for kicks, share your predictions here! Even if you’re just guessing, it’s fun to play along!

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