Following the rules

Posted: August 10, 2011 by burningriverrollergirls in General
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Ever watch a bout a wonder “Why did she just get sent to the penalty box?” or “What does that hand signal mean?”

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has now released an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to make finding the answers a little easier. These are the rules that the Burning River Roller Girls abide by, so this resource caters to the BRRG fan looking for an in-depth understanding of derby.


Features of the app include:
– Add and organize bookmarks to favorite sections or use them as a study aid
– Powerful search screen allows you to quickly find any term in any document
– Stay on top of the latest Rules Q&A from
– Use the referee hand signal flashcards to test your knowledge and train your skaters and officiating crew
– High-quality, zoomable track layout and marking guides

Visit Apple for details. 

Don’t have an iPhone? Buy a pocket-sized version of the rulebook or check out WFTDA’s website.

We haven’t tried the app yet, so we’d love your feedback. Have you tried it yet? How do you like it?


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