Season 5 Count Down!

Posted: February 26, 2011 by burningriverrollergirls in home teams, Rolling Pin-Ups, The Hard Knockers, The Pyromaniacs
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Season 5, “Let the Good Times Roll,” kicks off March 12, 2011-just two weeks from today!  It’s going to be an epic year as we’ll be celebrating our 5th season as Cleveland’s Own Roller Derby and our 2nd season at the Wolstein Center.  There are going to be lots of fun commemorative events for our devoted fans, so stay tuned!

So, what has been happening in our off-season?  We’ve drafted a bunch of great new rookie skaters to our home teams and have formed a new farm team, The Pyromaniacs!  We’re very excited to have this group of skaters-in-training ready and poised for action.  With the increased awareness of derby in recent years,  BRRG has discontinued our annual Fresh Meat Training month and opted for a rolling draft.  Who knows?  You might see a new skater on the track in each bout this year!  (And stay tuned–we’ll be interviewing a few Pyromaniacs here.)

BRRG Season 4 League Photo

More great news: our fans spoke and we listened!  Starting 3/12, we’ll be changing up our events and switching to 60-minute bouts, instead of 40.  Bouts are still  double headers, just more hard-hitting, wheel-grinding, edge-of-your-suicide-seat action!

We can’t wait to find out the outcomes of this year!  Will the Rolling Pin-Ups keep the Hazard Cup, or will we have a new champion team yet again?  Guess you’ll have to be there to find out!


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